Stimulate Your Facial Muscles, Don't Paralyze Them!

Stimulate Your Facial Muscles, Don't Paralyze Them!

Our philosophy regarding skincare has always been to support and protect the skin, not abuse it. We believe in non-invasive treatments combined with a consistent at-home regimen that treat your specific skin conditions.

In the quest to look younger, many people turn to aggressive treatments which can result in a thinner lipidic layer, frozen muscles and a dull complexion. Botox, although not considered “invasive”, is a big culprit.

Botox blocks signals from the nerves to the muscles, therefore the injected muscle cannot contract. This makes the wrinkles relax and soften. The effect from botox lasts approximately 3 to 6 months, in some cases, only one month. When it wears off, the muscles can move again and wrinkles will reappear.

While botox temporarily lifts, plumps and defines the face, it also temporarily paralyzes the muscles, causing them to atrophy in the long run. Atrophy is the progressive degeneration or shrinkage of muscle caused by lack of blood flow and movement. This creates a change in the color of the skin at the site and eventual sagging. 

Alternatively, you can achieve lifting and plumping of the face with daily facial exercise and muscle stimulation. When you stimulate your facial muscles they become sculpted and toned with healthier and more alive looking skin- just like the rest of the muscles on your body. With consistent massage, you can achieve great results.

If you can’t live without your botox, at least make sure you are massaging the injected muscles to stimulate them and lessen any potential atrophy. Always wait a few days after the injection to allow the botox to diffuse throughout the muscle because rubbing the areas of injection too soon after the procedure could cause the botox to spread to other areas of the face.
However, if you're looking for perfect solution to stimulate your muscles and don't wanna paralyse them with botulinum toxin, give us a call!