Eldan Cosmetics

Eldan Cosmetics was founded in 1997 by two Italian sisters Elena & Daniela Fauci. From the start, Eldan Cosmetics has cooperated with international experts not only in the cosmetic industry, but also in all other disciplines to which cosmetology is tightly connected.
Eldan Cosmetics are innovative, sophisticated and scientifically advanced skin care products that have been expertly researched and developed to suit the real needs of today‘s modern life style. Eldan Cosmetics are safe, effective, high quality skincare treatment products that keep the skin healthy and delay the visible signs of ageing.
All Eldan Products are made in Italy using the finest ingredients.
This is Eldan Cosmetics official Irish online store.
Developed by leading European cosmetologists of renowned international reputation, this line is rich in specific main ingredients, which are able to prevent and to combat skin imperfections. By developing highly-sophisticated skincare products, Eldan Cosmetics have significantly contributed to the prevention of the precocious skin aging process and to the preservation of its integrity.

From the very beginning the objective of Eldan Cosmetics has been to satisfy everybody’s desire for well being and to make people even more attractive. In order to reach this goal Eldan Cosmetics decided to develop a real "specific package" of innovative scientific up-date skin care products studied to suit the real needs of today‘s modern life style. To achieve their objective, Eldan Cosmetic's management availed themselves of the scientific collaboration of a team of European cosmetologists of renowned international reputation.

Eldan Cosmetics products claim address the concerns of the target audience describing safe, performing cosmetic treatment products of high quality that keep the skin healthy and retard the visible signs of ageing.




Eldan Cosmetics personalized methodology has a reputation for astounding effectiveness based on a clinical approach to beauty care using intentionally pure, concentrated, raw ingredients, as well as innovative and meticulous protocols and procedures.

Quickly expanding Eldan Cosmetics is available in 18 countries. 4 continents: Europe, Asia, North America and Australia.