Men & Skincare

Men & Skincare

It is important to take care of your skin based on its needs and condition above anything else, regardless of gender. However, we all know men and women tend to differ in how important a skin regimen is.

Loads of men do not really think about their skin. Contrary to popular belief, men should also get facials routinely and use the proper products for their specific skin condition.

Some men do get facials, sometimes. When they get them, there are 2 typical behaviors: First, they ask a lot of questions and they want to know what I am doing every step of the way or second, they fall asleep. I would say, though, that most of our male patients care about what is happening to their skin and they are curious about what they can be doing to make it better, even if they do fall asleep!

There are also some key differences between male and female skin that affect the products that I use on men. For instance, it is important to men that they do not leave with dewy, glowing skin. They prefer a matte finish. For these guys, I recommend a series of products Eldan Cosmetics For Man. It is a complete solution for restoring comfort to the skin and promotes a unified, mattified complexion.

Men have larger hair follicles on their faces and backs (creating thicker, coarser hair) more sebaceous glands on their bodies, and higher levels of testosterone. Testosterone accounts for why men’s skin is 25% thicker than women’s skin. It is also responsible for the rougher texture, that we associate with male skin.

And tough skin also needs to be exfoliated! I recommend Eldan Cosmetics Exfoliating Cream, as it gently exfoliates, regulates excessive sebum secretion, moisturizes and helps maintain the epidermis’ acid pH. It helps prevent and treats in-grown hairs, making it ideal for pre and post-shaving skin care.

Rougher skin does not necessarily mean tougher skin. Whenever a razor glides against the top layer of skin, it removes it, which can cause irritation.

Certain products can be used specifically to counteract razor bumps and irritation on the face. Eldan Cosmetics Idracalm Essence helps calm redness and inflammation.

And don’t ever forget to moisturize!