Skin & Our Immune System

Skin & Our Immune System

Skin, as the largest organ on our body, it not only protects our body from germs, but a diversified group of bacteria called the skin microbiome also lives on it. The health of our skin microbiome is just as important as our gut microbiome in keeping us healthy. 

25% of our body’s immune system is contained within the skin. It regulates temperature and has a vital function in acting as an immune gatekeeper, protecting our organs. When it is unbalanced and not taken care of, its abilities are weakened and our bodies have a harder time fighting off infection.

There are a variety of ways to take care of the skin and boost the immune system both internally and externally. I think it is important to approach all skincare holistically, focusing on nutrition, topical treatments and lifestyle.

Diet is fundamental, as it accounts for about 70% of the health of our skin, while 30% is how we treat it topically. While products and treatments can’t actually affect your skin’s immunity, they can work to help increase the skin’s defenses against external factors like pollution and calm inflammation. Even the act of applying products can help oxygenate our blood. Therefore, it is imperative that along with a healthy diet, we take good care of our skin topically with the right treatments and products.

Air pollutants, UV rays and blue light from our computers and phones negatively affect skin health and skin complexion. These pollutants not only accelerate skin aging and trigger inflammatory skin conditions, but when our skin’s barrier function is impaired, the toxins use our skin as an inlet into our bodies.

Facial Massage helps increase muscle tone and stimulates the production of collagen. Think of it as an exercise for the face. Don’t forget your body! So many people only think about the face when it comes to skin.

And last, but certainly not least, the following lifestyle choices can greatly affect your immune system:
  • Sleep is an essential part of relaxation and healing. During sleep, our body releases proteins called cytokines that act as chemical messengers to regulate our immune system. Sleep restores our immune and nervous systems to help reset the body. 
  • Stress causes an increase in cortisol and with that comes increased blood pressure, sugar levels, fat storage, and inflammation, weakening the immune system. A hot bath can relieve these symptoms. T