Skin Analysis

How do we know what aesthetic treatment is the best for us?

How to choose proper treatment from the long list of available treatments?



What treatment does my skin needs?

Some skin problems are easy to diagnose and most often we do not even think about confirming the diagnosis, e.g. dry skin. Assuming your diagnosis is right, finding a solution to resolve the problem is not always so easy. Skincare clinics and aesthetic medicine centers usually offer many treatments that gives you some effect. For a person who does not know the structure and actual needs of the skin (including their own), it is difficult to choose the appropriate treatment, ie. one that will bring the desired results quickly, effectively and will not adversely affect the skin in other aspects. The opinion of a specialist is essential. Based on a thorough examination of the skin, it provides the answer to the question "what treatment do I need?" However, if we want our skin to undergo a professional analysis that will determine not only its needs, but also the condition and problems, the best option is to use a device designed for skin diagnostics.


Diagnostics and Analysis

Skin examination using a device for professional diagnosis and analysis is extremely effective. In aesthetic medicine clinics, it is offered more often and devices are more effective. Some of them, like the Smart Mirror available in our salon, are even treated as an announcement of a revolution in skin diagnostics. Skin analysis involves scanning of the skin and subjecting it to a detailed analysis, which gives the answer to the most important questions about its condition and needs. 

Skin analysis turns out to be an excellent option for people who have just decided on aesthetic medicine treatments and they have never used it before. At the same time, it's a great way to check the results of your therapy.