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Specifically for oily and acne-prone skin, rich in purifying and antiseptic botanical extracts, completes the action of the cleanser leaving the skin fresher, clearer and smoother.

Morning and evening, after cleansing the skin, apply by means of a cotton pad, on face and neck; pat dry.

Top ingredients:

Panthenol: moisturizing, soothing
Allantoin: soothing, regenerating
Salicyilic acid: keratolytic
Menthol: refreshing
Glycolic acid: keratolytic
Lactic acid: keratolytic
Witch hazel water: soothing, refreshing
Iceland moss extract: purifying
Mint extract: refreshing, tonifying
Mint essential oil: refreshing
Lavender essential oil: purifying, soothing
Fomes officinalis extract: astringent
Zinc sulfate: purifying
Iris florentina extract: soothing