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Healing acne lotion.

Includes an active ingredient designed to reduce inflammatory elements. Due to the content of highly active components, it suppresses pathogens, reduces the appearance of acne, reduces redness and irritation of the skin, improves its colour and texture. 

The glycolic, lactic and salicylic acids that are part of the preparation normalise keratinization processes, stimulate regeneration, and promote deep moisturizing. 

Oils of peppermint field and tea tree have a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect. Laminaria extract and fuller's earth, due to the rich trace element composition improves metabolic processes. As a result of application, the secretion of sebaceous glands is normalised, hyperkeratosis is eliminated, inflammation decreases, and local immunity increases.

Shake the bottle before the use. After an accurate cleansing of the skin apply evenly a generous amount of product on the specific area to be treated using the finger tips. Let it stand at least during 20/30 minutes then rinse off abundantly with water. (It can be left also over night). Avoid eye contour area.

Top ingredients:

Panthenol: moisturizing/soothing
Titanium dioxide: absorbing
Salicylic acid: keratolytic
Menthol: refershing
Kaolin: purifying/absorbing
Fuller’s earth: purifying/absorbing
Glycolic acid: keratolytic
Lactic acid: keratolytic
Laminaria saccharina extract: purifying
Mint essential oil: refreshing
Fomes officinalis extract: astringent
Zinc sulfate: purifying
Iris florentina extract: soothing 
Tea tree oil: purifying