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Lotion formulated with a combination of alpha-hydroxy acids (lactic acid, glycolic and malic acid) that help to renew the skin's superficial layer, removing dead cells and promoting the stratum corneum regeneration. Pomegranate and Alpine star extracts, with antioxidant properties, help to protect the skin from free radicals.

Apply in the evening to face and neck and massage with delicate circular movements until completely absorbed. Follow with night cream. Do not use the product in the morning. The use of a product with at sun protector factor is recommended during the day.

The product contains alpha-hydroxyacids (fruit acids): avoid eye contour area and exposure to UV rays. Do not use on babies or children. The applicationmay cause some people short-lasting mild irritation; if irritation persists, application must be suspended.

Top ingredients:

Lactic acid: keratolytic
Glycolic acid: keratolytic
Malic acid: keratolytic
Glycine soya protein: anti-oxidant, anti-pollution
Suproxide dismutase: anti-oxidant, anti-pollution
Pomegranate extract: anti-oxidant
Edelweiss extract: anti-oxidant