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Light face emulsion containing alpha-hydroxyacids (AHA). The formula with AHA helps prevent and reduce the formation of wrinkles and spots, by stimulating skin renewal and smoothing away dead cells. The presence of  Zinc PCA and Rosmery and Sage extracts with purifying properties, helps prevent the formation of pimples and black heads.

Apply the product on cleansed skin of face and neck (avoid eye contour area), massaging with light circular movements until completely absorbed.

The product contains Alpha Hydroxy Acids or Fruit Acids; avoid eye contour and UV exposition; do not apply on babies or  children. On some people, the application can provoke a light irritation that rapidly disappears. If it persist, momentarily stop the use.

Top ingredients:

Lactic acid: keratolytic
Glycolic acid: keratolytic
Rosemary extract: purifying
Sage extract: purifying
Suproxide dismutase and soy protein: anti-oxidant
Panthenol: hydrating
Sweet almond oil: emollient
Vitamin E: anti-oxidant